Gate Score And Its Advantages

With the number of engineering colleges and universities increasing at a faster rate GATE is a way to check the real caliber of engineering students. It recognizes suitable professionals in different fields and helps them choose their subjects of interest for their higher academics. In the recent years there has been a great demand for the GATE score and the number of students choosing this has been increasing tremendously and will be increasing further in the future. This is considered to be the toughest examinations in our country in which the competition is incredibly high and needs targeted study in a planned manner.
It aims at rigorous testing of the students’ capability in engineering ideas .It includes 70 percent from the Engineering subjects and the rest coves the General ability.
The three-hour GATE paper features a total of sixty five questions.
To secure a high a grade one ought to keep in mind that they will be judged comparatively and conditionally. The general rank achieved depends upon the preparation level of your competitors.

Clearing GATE is additionally an eligibility clause for the award of Junior analysis Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories. M.Tech. degree is necessary for those who want to use for analysis positions in R&D centres. The marks scored in GATE is valid for 2 years and students are eligible for doing Master’s degree . For those that couldn’t pursue their B. Tech in IIT, it provides another chance to review within the prestigious IITs. Above all, it actually offers youa large technical edge over other aspects.
Students must go through the previous years question papers to have an idea of the examination pattern. They can refer a couple of books with the same topic and prepare notes after the completion of each chapter and Practise the maximum number of questions possible on a given topic .Focussing on the important formulas can help solve problems in a better way .Attempting the question that the students are sure of will be the best option because there are negative marking. There is no restriction on the number of attempts for GATE coaching in kochi. It may not be exceptionally hard to get a good score in the first attempt provided the students prepare well for it.

There are several coaching classes that can help to learn distinctive methods for solving the questions .Many Public sector undertakings prefer candidates with a Gate score and even they provide stipends to the students during their M.Tech course. Which means it provides financial assistance for masters programs. A student selected on the basis of test will have an added advantage as 70% weightage is given to the performance in GATE and only 30% weightage is given to the test or academic record. Getting admission in the best colleges again depends on the GATE score. A good rank in GATE opens opportunities for a job with a high salary. The research departments usually offer jobs to Gate qualified candidates as compared to the B.Tech students. Top educational institutes offer the designation of assistant professor with a good pay package.

GATE Preparation

GATE Preparation

GATE is an Examination for admissions for M.Tech, M.E courses at the IITs, NITs, other reputed Tier 1 institutions and many private universities across the country. GATE 2018 is to be conducted by IIT Guwahati this year for 23 papers .

The mode of the examination is expected to remain the same as for GATE 2017. It is a computer-based exam and will be held for three hours. Virtual calculator will be provided during the online exam. There are 65 questions containing MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) and NAT Questions (Numerical Answer Type) for 100 Marks

Every year, more than 50 PSUs are recruit through the GATE score. Some of the prominent PSUs that recruit via GATE Score are DRDO, BHEL, NTPC, PGCIL, IOCL, SAIL and BAARC. To get good GATE score, one should have a very good command on technical subjects, as GATE strongly tests your knowledge in all technical areas. Also, to crack a PSU job through GATE, getting a good GATE score is not the only important component, one should also need to have a deep insight into the subject as many PSUs have an interview round during their recruitment process.Students must not spend time going all over the topics againThis is not the time to start reading from the scratch. Students must go ahead with short notes and revise the practice questions and answers you have read before Gate aspirants must figure out a way to find out about topics which were not covered by you at all. This can be done by looking at the synoptic note of the topic mentioned in the study material/textbook so that you can be in a position to answer if the question comes out as a direct question.

Students must start studying the subjects which is easier and prioritise them accordingly. The more they solve, the more they answer correctly, and this confidence will help them get energised to attempt the difficult questions too. This is important to keep your energy and excitement intact for cracking GATE coaching in kochi.

They must try and make short notes from the tutorials or common discussion forums or from any other study material. It is very common for students to search on the net and download the soft copies of the books and notes. These soft copies can be found easily, downloaded and shared. But the disadvantage with soft copies is that the Internet also has many other things to distract you like music, videos, chats and so on. Students must try to solve as many papers as they can. If they are not able to solve or get the correct answers, they must go back to their notes or explanations and understand those from the study book and move on. They must not stick to books which have vast explanation of topics.

If finishing all subjects feels like a burden then they must plan for each day and be sincere and complete it the same day.The students must not take too much stress or study late at night. Eating and sleeping on time will give the much needed energy to put in the best during the exam.


BTech Degree and Mandatory GATE

GATE is an all-India examination that is conducted and administered by the Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technology. In the present competitive scenario, where there is mushrooming of universities and engineering colleges, the only way to measure and test the capability of engineering students is the GATE.

GATE exams are now mandatory for passing out of engineering institutes. Usually it is conducted for admissions to PG. courses. This exam will be mandatory for students in their final year of B. Tech. The employment of the students depend on the scores obtained in the exam. It is planned to be implemented in both government and private engineering schools in India and the scores will be shared with the employers. It is being noted that only 20 – 30% of the engineering students get job hence these exams will make the students acquire the necessary skills to make them job ready. With growing questions on the credibility of engineers passing out of engineering colleges in India every year, this exam will test their attainment levels.

It is also found that few average students who think of high standards could not make it to GATE coaching in kerala. Once they miss it they lose hope and get into a below standard jobs because of social and financial concerns they have to face. Finally the students end up not realizing the dream that they had dreamt off while joining Engineering studies.

Some of the colleges like IITs and NITs demand a minimum percentage of about 60% in B.Tech degree as a criteria to admission apart from the GATE scores.

While for private colleges, it may or may not matter s it depends on the college itself as it is a self- regulatory authority.

Safest percentage would be 60% which is minimum required percentage for joining M.Tech program except SC/ST who need 55% only.

We can find thousands of engineering institutes across the country and each institute uses different tools and techniques to teach and test the skill of students. To test the students attainment level GATE examination has to be made mandatory for all students passing out of various engineering colleges to assess standards of education in each institution.

This exam will be a method of testing the skills, aptitude, critical thinking of the students.

It will give a feedback on the standards & teaching methodology of engineering institutes in India

It will help in coming out with remedial measures for the betterment of the education quality in each of the institutes. The AICTU will be announcing the new syllabus for the students by January. From the next academic session the students taking admission to engineering courses would have to undergo compulsory three-week orientation programme. The orientation programme in the new syllabus will make the students aware of the basic concepts of engineering and Basic English language skills. Similarly, the orientation programme will also reduce inferiority complex among the students. The three-week orientation would be focussing on varied areas such as the interaction between students and teachers, exchange of ideas between teachers and students, motivating students to take part in cultural and physical activities.

Importance of GATE

It is a known fact that GATE is an all India examination and the scores reflect the performance level of the students. The scores are used for admission to postgraduate programs. Even public sector undertakings prefer students with score for entry level recruitment. Students are also of the opinion that it is the most toughest competitive exam in India. But it is a prestigious examination because it tests the technical knowledge of the students in various subjects engineering. Gate preparation helps opens up the students logical, analytical and solving skills. It gives an opportunity to explore foreign universities. It helps students consolidate all the knowledge they had acquired during their engineering.

Based on the GATE score students may qualify to get grants from the Human Resource Ministry. Even there are no restrictions on the number of attempts. The Master of Engineering or Master of Technology degree is a postgraduate programme in engineering or technology field. This is generally a 2 years specialization program in a specific branch of engineering. Thus a student with the Masters degree can easily get a job that will be undoubtedly more satisfying. Most of the companies with their research establishments in India prefer students with a Masters degree. GATE is useful for those planning to do a junior Research Fellow Program. After which they can pursue their Ph. D. There are several GATE coaching institutes in kerala that provide quality education thus making students eligible to do their higher studies. This has created many entrepreneurs in the country. Most of the students who have completed their research work from the well- known institutes have been successful enough in laying the foundation of large software companies, which means students get better in decision making and planning.

GATE is also important for students interested in Architecture. It is considered as one of the top intellectual discipline and profession linked with the largest sector of investment in the economy. Large Public sector undertakings have also started recruitment through GATE. Thus a student with a good score can get a good pay package that will be on par with the latest industry standards with a job security. Thus the importance of GATE has increased.

PSU Recruitment Discipline.

BHEL: Industrial and Production, Industrial, Mechanical Production and Tool, Production Technology, Manufacturing (NIFFT Ranchi), Mechatronics, Manufacturing Process and Automation, Power Plant Production, Production and Industrial, Thermal, Manufacturing Technology, Power, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, High Voltage Power Systems & High Voltage, Electrical Machine, Electronics & Power, Power Electronics, Power Plant, Energy, Power.

GAIL: Chemical, Petrochemical, Chemical Technology, Petrochemical Technology, Mechanical, Production, Production & Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical & Automobile, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Control, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics, Electrical & Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication, Telecommunication, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Telecommunication

HAL: Mechanical, Mechanical & Industrial, Mechanical and Production, Civil, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation & Control, Instrumentation & Electronics, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication

The below mentioned specializations accept gate scores outside India:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and Surveying
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Geophysics
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Software Systems Engineering

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Tips and Tricks to Crack GATE Exam

Collect the Latest Syllabus for the GATE exam.

You have to choose the subject and study as per the syllabus mentioned in the GATE brochure.

It is important to know what to study but

it is more important to know what not to study”

Because you do not need to study all the subjects which you have studied during your B.E. / B. Tech. Course.

Click here to get the Syllabus

Always Go Through Standard Books

Always try to go through the standard books which are easily available and in which you can easily understand the concepts. This will improve your learning ability. Data available in standard books are very well examined on theoretical as well as practical measurements.Some standard publications are Tata McGraw-Hill (TMH), Prentice-Hall of India (PHI), Wiley etc.

Appear In Mock Test Series

Take up a mock test series as it will help you adapt to the online pattern as this year students will have to use a virtual Calculator enabled in their test logins. It will also help you assess your preparation.Based on your experiments in the mock test series you can evaluate yourself and tune your own exam strategy.

It will be best if you can join any test series of best gate coaching institute kerala.

Focus On High-Return Topics

Give more focus to high-return topics like Engineering Mathematics and General Ability which constitute 30% of the total marks and are relatively easier to score in. It will be good if you can look some online lectures to prepare in these topics.

Go Through Previous Years Question Papers

Going through previous years papers (say last ten years) will help you to check your knowledge and note the distribution of different topics.

Make Short Notes

Your notes are a reflection of your preparation. This results in your overall score at the end. You do not have time to make and study from elaborate notes. Formulae, concepts, principles, laws, etc. can be encapsulated for a quick run-through as the exam date gets nearer and the prep gets hotter!

Evaluate Yourself

Make a plan for study. Don’t just run like a horse in race. Candidates can make a list of subjects in which they are good,average and poor.Give more time to poor subjects because those subjects would require more attention from you and will take more time than your commanding subjects.

Join a reliable coaching institute having experienced faculty which will prepare you for your exam.

Happy Learning!


In ancient times, secret messages where send to distant places using codes so that a third person who tries to read the message couldn’t be able to understand the content of the message. The one who is supposed to read the letter only knows the code for reading the sentences. He will be informed with the logic behind the coding and he could easily understand the message. Such coding is used in modern society too. Our mobile recharging using numbers will also be like that. Each number will be conveying a meaningful word. That’s why when we try to recharge by randomly enter the number it gets failed.

In GATE exams, such coding decoding type questions are asked. Coding is important type of reasoning questions. In this section codes will be used to designate or represent a word and we need to identify the pattern of the code. Some logic will be there behind each coding. If we identify it easily the section is completed easily. Gateway academy, gate coaching center in Kochi give tips and tricks to decode the code easily and score well in this section.

The coding done can be classified into different types. Coding using letters, number coding, coding by substitution, mixed letter coding, mixed number coding etc. In letter coding questions, each alphabet will be replaced by another alphabet.  This replacement will be based on one rule. For example, replacing every alphabet with its next alphabet i.e. B for A, C for B like that. We will be given a word which looks like meaningless when we read but after decoding it will be familiar word. Ex. DVQ for CUP.

gate coaching center in KochiIn number coding alphabet will be replaced by numbers. Questions will contain a word and its numerical representation and we will have to identify the representation of another word using same logic that is used for the given one. Ex 1 for A, 2 for B…. ACE represented as 135 or 357. Logic behind 137 is the order of each alphabet and in case of 357 adding 2 to its order. Like that questions can be of different logic. This is only example of a simple logic. When the logic gets complicated, the question also gets complicated.

gate coaching center in KochiAnother type of coding is substitution. In this a word or object will be substituted with another word. For example, sand for apple orange for sand and question will be what we eat. Even though sand is against the fact but with respect to code sand is the answer. In mixed letter coding three or four sentences will be coded in a particular manner and we will be asked to identify the code for a particular word which is there in any one of the sentence. In these questions, we need to compare the sentences and code and identify the common ones and find the code for the required word. Same is the case with the mixed number coding. Some sentences will be coded with numbers and by considering all the sentences we have to identify the certain word. So these kinds of questions which check our ability for reasoning is included in this section. Gateway academy, gate coaching center in Kochi deals with developing the reasoning ability.


We live in a society where numerous engineers are getting graduated each year. There may not be as many vacancies for all these engineers but there are vacancies for those who excel in this field. From many engineers those who pass out with first class result companies find it difficult to choose the best one. So they depend on qualitative exams and performance of graduates in these exams.

We know GATE exams are one of such exams. Good performance in GATE exams will bring good opportunities to us. Gateway academy knows the importance of such exams. Gateway academy train students to excel in exams and make a good carrier opening to the engineering graduates. All of us dream about jobs and all of us will love to have an opening in core industries. Gate Coaching Centres in CochinBut the thing is core industries provides limited vacancies. They need only best ones. So we need to prove we are one among the top engineering graduates. To prove this we need to excel in such qualitative exams like GATE. GATEWAY academy have well experienced faculties to train students to become the best Gate Coaching Centres in Cochin.

Qualified engineers are needed to make our society a heaven. We know the importance of engineers in our daily life. We live in a world where machines play a crucial role. These machines are designed by engineers to reduce our effort. The logical ideas and creative minds of engineers provides us with these kinds of facilities. So we need to get skilled. We need to focus our skill. Identify the taste in ourselves and try to get job in that field so that we would be able to work with a full mind which is addicted to the work and passionate.

Gate Coaching Centres in CochinGood GATE score will help to take jobs in companies which matches our passion. It will not only bring you good jobs in PSU’s, it will also take you to higher level in admissions for varies foreign universities. GATE score will also avail Junior Research Fellowship. It is often around twenty five thousand rupees per month. It is awarded to eligible candidates. A person with junior research fellowship will register under a research supervisor and activates the fellowship. Junior research fellowship will get upgraded to senior research fellowship. The researches will help to explore the possibilities of engineering profession. It will help to develop the depth of knowledge in the field. So work hard to be the top among the graduates.


Many universities accept the GATE score as part of their admission. Performance in respective subject is used to select students applying masters. GATE score is an indicator to show the knowledge of one in that particular field.

List of universities accepting gate score

  1. Nayang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
  2. National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  3. Technical university of Munich
  4. RWTH AACHEN University


National technological University, Singapore

GATE Coaching Centre in CochinNTU is one among the top ranked universities in rankings of major college and universities. It is also one of the top two university in Asia. NTU accommodates lots of international students. Many of their post graduate students are from abroad.

National University of Singapore

GATE Coaching Centre in Cochin
National University of Singapore

NUS was founded in 1905. It is the oldest institute in Singapore in higher learning. It has 5016 academic staffs and 150 hectares of campus. NUS offers a lots of courses including under graduate and post graduate courses and also research facilities are also provided.


Technical University of Munich

GATE Coaching Centre in CochinIt was established in 1868. It has more than six thousand academic staffs and more than forty thousand students. It provides courses in Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, Management, Sports and Health science etc.

RWTH AACHEN University

GATE Coaching Centre in CochinIt offers 144 study programs which makes it largest technical university in Germany. University has affiliation from DFG, German Excellence Institute at domestic level and ALMA, SEFI, TIME etc. at international level. Gateway is one of the best GATE Coaching Centre in Cochin