Importance of GATE

It is a known fact that GATE is an all India examination and the scores reflect the performance level of the students. The scores are used for admission to postgraduate programs. Even public sector undertakings prefer students with score for entry level recruitment. Students are also of the opinion that it is the most toughest competitive exam in India. But it is a prestigious examination because it tests the technical knowledge of the students in various subjects engineering. Gate preparation helps opens up the students logical, analytical and solving skills. It gives an opportunity to explore foreign universities. It helps students consolidate all the knowledge they had acquired during their engineering.

Based on the GATE score students may qualify to get grants from the Human Resource Ministry. Even there are no restrictions on the number of attempts. The Master of Engineering or Master of Technology degree is a postgraduate programme in engineering or technology field. This is generally a 2 years specialization program in a specific branch of engineering. Thus a student with the Masters degree can easily get a job that will be undoubtedly more satisfying. Most of the companies with their research establishments in India prefer students with a Masters degree. GATE is useful for those planning to do a junior Research Fellow Program. After which they can pursue their Ph. D. There are several GATE coaching institutes in kerala that provide quality education thus making students eligible to do their higher studies. This has created many entrepreneurs in the country. Most of the students who have completed their research work from the well- known institutes have been successful enough in laying the foundation of large software companies, which means students get better in decision making and planning.

GATE is also important for students interested in Architecture. It is considered as one of the top intellectual discipline and profession linked with the largest sector of investment in the economy. Large Public sector undertakings have also started recruitment through GATE. Thus a student with a good score can get a good pay package that will be on par with the latest industry standards with a job security. Thus the importance of GATE has increased.

PSU Recruitment Discipline.

BHEL: Industrial and Production, Industrial, Mechanical Production and Tool, Production Technology, Manufacturing (NIFFT Ranchi), Mechatronics, Manufacturing Process and Automation, Power Plant Production, Production and Industrial, Thermal, Manufacturing Technology, Power, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control, High Voltage Power Systems & High Voltage, Electrical Machine, Electronics & Power, Power Electronics, Power Plant, Energy, Power.

GAIL: Chemical, Petrochemical, Chemical Technology, Petrochemical Technology, Mechanical, Production, Production & Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical & Automobile, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation, Instrumentation & Control, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics, Electrical & Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication, Telecommunication, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Telecommunication

HAL: Mechanical, Mechanical & Industrial, Mechanical and Production, Civil, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical & Instrumentation, Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation & Control, Instrumentation & Electronics, Applied Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Telecommunication

The below mentioned specializations accept gate scores outside India:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and Surveying
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Geophysics
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Software Systems Engineering

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