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Tips and Tricks to Crack GATE Exam

Collect the Latest Syllabus for the GATE exam.

You have to choose the subject and study as per the syllabus mentioned in the GATE brochure.

It is important to know what to study but

it is more important to know what not to study”

Because you do not need to study all the subjects which you have studied during your B.E. / B. Tech. Course.

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Always Go Through Standard Books

Always try to go through the standard books which are easily available and in which you can easily understand the concepts. This will improve your learning ability. Data available in standard books are very well examined on theoretical as well as practical measurements.Some standard publications are Tata McGraw-Hill (TMH), Prentice-Hall of India (PHI), Wiley etc.

Appear In Mock Test Series

Take up a mock test series as it will help you adapt to the online pattern as this year students will have to use a virtual Calculator enabled in their test logins. It will also help you assess your preparation.Based on your experiments in the mock test series you can evaluate yourself and tune your own exam strategy.

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Focus On High-Return Topics

Give more focus to high-return topics like Engineering Mathematics and General Ability which constitute 30% of the total marks and are relatively easier to score in. It will be good if you can look some online lectures to prepare in these topics.

Go Through Previous Years Question Papers

Going through previous years papers (say last ten years) will help you to check your knowledge and note the distribution of different topics.

Make Short Notes

Your notes are a reflection of your preparation. This results in your overall score at the end. You do not have time to make and study from elaborate notes. Formulae, concepts, principles, laws, etc. can be encapsulated for a quick run-through as the exam date gets nearer and the prep gets hotter!

Evaluate Yourself

Make a plan for study. Don’t just run like a horse in race. Candidates can make a list of subjects in which they are good,average and poor.Give more time to poor subjects because those subjects would require more attention from you and will take more time than your commanding subjects.

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Happy Learning!

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  1. The tips and tricks mentioned above helps all who is seeking a better gate score and career. Cracking gate score is somewhat a bitter task for one who doesn’t have proper base in the core subjects, but the in dept coaching and willingness to get that make one much easier to crack the gate.

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