PSC -Eligibility and Selection

In PSC a person can apply for the selection to a particular post when the selection is notified by the Kerala Public Service Commission in the Kerala Gazette or in the PSC Bulletin, News papers etc. The applicants candidature in the election is valid only if he/she satisfies all the eligibility criteria specified for the selection as well as the modalities for applying forthe said selection.The Commission will notify the selections to a post only after vacancies for the post are reported to the commission by the respective Appointing Authority. A person applying for a selection must satisfy all the eligibility criteria mentioned under the Notification concerned and General Conditions under part II of part IB Kerala Gazette. The age limits (upper&lower) for a particular post will be clearly mentioned in the the selection/Notification for that post. There is 5 years relaxation provided for SC/ST Candidates and 3 years for OBC Candidates. The reckoning age of an applicant for a selection is the 1st day of January of the year in which the Commission published the Notification for that particular Selection. If the applicant is under aged or over aged on the date mentioned he/she will be considered ineligible for the selection. The applicant must have all the prescribed educational qualification for the post within the last date fixed in the notification for the receipt of the application prescribed.If the applicant is included in the Short List/Ranked List, his /her Register Number/Name will not ne considered .In case, such an applicant gets appointment to the post, the appointment would stand cancelled by the Commission and he/she will be terminated from service by the appointment authority. The Ranked Lists published by the Commission will be valid for a period of one year from the date on which it was brought into force provided the same list is considered till the publication of a new list after the expiry of the minimum period of one year or till the expiry of 3 years whichever is earlier.The Ranks shall be assigned in the descending order of total marks secured in the written test and interview by each candidate. If more than one candidate secures equal mark, then respective Rank position of such candidates will be assigned in the descending order of their age. If the age is also same, then their names shall be arranged in the Ranked List alphabetically. The Backward class Rank Holders are considered for Advice against either Open Competition (OC) turn or Backward Class (BC) turn while working out Rotation 20% of the total vacancies for Special Recruitment for SC and ST only are reserved for the Scheduled Tribes and the places allotted to SC and ST shall be decided out of every 5 vacancies. Which means that out of every 5 vacancies, one will be filled up by a ST. If there is no provision to accept in a selection the equivalent qualification , qualification other than those prescribed in the Rule cannot be accepted. Qualification can be accepted as equivalent only after it is declared by executive orders and proper amendments are issued to Special Rules. Best PSC Training Institute in Kochi .

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